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The World Taekwon do Academy was first established in South Korea in 1973 by Grand Master Woon Se Lee after retiring from Korean army as an officer. Grand Master Lee served in Vietnam during his service with Korean army in the late60’s and early 70’s. Grand Master Lee trainned many national teams, military academies and colleges in the 70’s and 80’s. Grand Master Lee moved to USA in 1989 with his family and opened World Taekwondo Academy in Olney, Maryland. He is still teaching his classes daily at Olney school. Our school is celebrating 43rd Anniversary and 27 years in Olney, MD this year. We are the oldest martial art school still in operation in Olney, Maryland today!


Grand Master Dr. Lee, Woon Se

Grandmaster Lee is a 9th degree back (highest rank in Taekwondo) with over  60 years of experience in the Martial Arts. Not only was Grandmaster Lee a Korean National Champion for 5 years, he was also an Olympic Team Head Coach, coached 5 national teams and 4 military academies.  He was a Head Coach for U.S. national teams at World Forms Championship in Ankara, Turkey in 2008.  He continues to practice his art and still teaches and coaches with full vigor at the Olney location everyday.

Master Joon Lee

Master Joon is a 7th degree black belt and has over 35 years of experience in Taekwondo. He was the head instructor for the Gaithersburg school from 1994 to 2014.  He is now teaching classes at Olney location.  Not only has he become an excellent martial artist in his own right and great teacher like his father, he also spends his time influencing youth as a positive role model by teaching Physical Education for the Montgomery County Public Schools since 1996.  He received B.S. in physical education  from University of Maryland College Park and M.S. in curriculum and instructions from McDaniel College. He has also taught Taekwondo at Jefferson Montessori School In Gaithersburg from 1999 to 2009, Fellowship Korean School in Germantown, MD from 2002 to 2010 and at many other private schools, after-school programs, Korean schools and Summer Camps in the area.


Master Jason – 6th degree black belt

Master Peter– 4th degree black belt

Master Ho – 4th Degree Black belt

Master Greg – 4th degree black belt

Master Wesley – 4th degree black belt

Assistant Instructors

Mr.Ms. Alex (3rd degree black belt)

Mr. David D. (3rd Degree Black Belt)

Mr. Jamil (2nd Degree Black Belt)

Mr. Myron (2nd Degree Black Belt)

Mr. David B.( 2nd degree Black Belt)

Mr. Zach (2nd Degree Black Belt)

Mr. Hassan (2nd Degree Black Belt)

Mr. Steven (1st Degree Black Belt)

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